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Avodah Business Ministry is an ecumenical women’s “Dream Big” group that meshes business, self-worth and faith in God. We desire to help Latina single moms who are striving for opportunities of personal and spiritual advancement. Imagine with me for a few minutes, a single mom who is struggling to make ends meet and is working hard to provide for her family by working multiple jobs for their basic needs. Allow us to introduce “Overworked Maria”. Overworked Maria is a single mom of 3 children from ages 5-18. She was married for 11 years but her husband left her for another woman. Often times she feels frustrated and overwhelmed with her current situation, because she has limited resources and not enough money to do more for herself.

Sometimes she feels that she lives because she has to but not because she wants to.

Overworked Maria has hopes and dreams for herself and her children, yet not enough margin, resources and support for them to be fulfilled.

Now let us imagine what might change for Overworked Maria if she had a loving community of support and resources alongside her to help her with the possibilities, from a supplemental side business to the bigger dream of working toward starting over. Avodah is a bridge for the community and the church by giving Overworked Maria the resources that will help her reach her dreams from Overworked Maria to become "Business Owner" Maria.

Let's journey together.

Questions to consider

I am an Overworked Maria and I...

I used to be an Overworked Maria but now...

I have the resources for Overworked Maria's and I would like to help by...

For more information please contact:

Alice Medina at (760)-501-5118


Coffee Dates

Meet . Connect . Inspire

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Avodah's 2nd Annual 

Conference "4th Quarter"

What a blessing it was to serve the women of the Coachella

Valley and beyond!

A weekend filled with Recognizing, Reflection, Renewing and Reigniting!

Night of Worship happens twice a year. We hope and pray that women who attend will be encouraged by our worship, our message and our atmosphere.